Bumper Burlesque!

The first time I went to a Burlesque ‘do’ was for a friend’s Hen Party at Afternoon Tease, in London, many years ago.  The revival was still quite ‘underground’ then; we weren’t quite sure how saucy it would get (not that we minded!).  It was wonderful and liberating (though the ONLY (red-faced)man in there probably didn’t feel that way!); and we enjoyed tea and cakes and champagne, as we applauded and encouraged the imaginative and theatrical feast for the eyes!

Now burlesque has come to shake up Devon; with the wonderful Kinky and Quirky from Torquay.  Saw one of their first events in Exeter a few years ago now and it was fab then…so i can’t WAIT to see the developments that I hear have been made (no, it’s not a pun, cheeky!): world-class Burlesque acts; lovely people and great dj!  Bring it on!!! xxx