Flying seagulls are back!

The brilliant ceramicist Jo Everitt, and family, recently made a detour in their vintage Commer campervan, from family holiday on the Isle of Wight to Budleigh Salterton to bring you demanding people some more of her ever popular box-framed flying seagulls and flying ducks (move over Hilda Ogden!).
Husband Dave sorted through the thousands of vinyl outback(in his element; not a chore!)so it’s a bit more organised for you-you’ll still need a couple of hours in there though: coffee provided to keep you going!
Jo was making flying ducks initially, but I thought it would be lovely to have seagulls for down here in sunny Devon! The first two I commissioned her to make for the shop flew out so quickly; and people have been asking for them ever Jo, despite being Head of Art at a college in Derby, trudged up to her potter’s wheel in the workshop and slaved away…..
So hurry to What Katy Did before these ones go too!