Online shop now OPEN!!!!

The online shop for What Katy Did is now oficially LIIIIVE! Just click on the ‘What Katy Bought’ tab at the top of the homepage and in you go!!
It’s taken a while and the photos keep getting cropped but email if you need any more pics sending of the goodies on display!
NOW GET BUYING you lovely people!
More being added every day so keep popping back for more vintage lovliness for your home, collections and bodies!
Thank you to everyone that has helped and supported me in geting this off the ground…it means the world to me.


  1. Phil says:

    Hey Katy: Congrats on the site.
    You might want to add to the navagation bar: Shop with Katy. A bit more obvious that this is the tab for the online shop rather than (What Katy Bought)